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Halloween and horror awaits you with free online games, the magic 8 ball of horror, a virtual haunted house, horror movie trivia, free Halloween and horror graphics, animated gifs, fonts, Halloween midis, Halloween sounds, horror movie villain, jigsaw puzzles, celebrity horror secrets, biorhythms, blood and gore. Make sure to see our Featured menu above and view our Death Counter.Halloween 2014 will be here before you know it! Stores like Spirit Halloween are starting to announce their new prop and costume lineup. Local stores are beginning to prepare for our favorite time of the year. What are you doing this year? Let us know in our Horror ForumAs we celebrate our 13th year online, we will be working to bring you more fun and crazy features. Many of our classic features will be left “un-touched” in order to please our many fans. There are MANY enhancements coming very soon.HALLOWEEN ARTICLES: Check out our Halloween and horror article sections.  We will continue to add articles on a regular basis to make sure that Caverns of Blood is the best resource possible.


death counterPeople die around the world every second of every day. See our Death Counter to see statistical causes of death.


Fan Favorite Features:
Halloween Jokes – Caverns Of Blood is the home of one of the best collection of Halloween Jokes.  Check out our humor section.

Halloween Graphics – Do you need graphics or images for your horror or Halloween site or blog.  We can hook you up.

Realtime Death counter: – See Deaths and their causes that have occurred within the last XX seconds.

Just Added


Horror -  UPDATED NEW SECTION! We have just launched a new section devoted to the Horror world.  Articles and reviews will be focusing on Movies, TV and books.  Check back regularly.

Lodge Massacre - Are you a fan of games like Resident Evil?  Try our new Lodge Massacre game.  It is addicting!

Halloween Clip Art - We have begun a huge expansion of our Halloween graphics galleries.  Check out this new clip-art section with hundreds of images that you can use on your site, blog or social media profile.  Updated

Horror Humor - Everybody loves memes lately!  Especially good horror humor!  Come back every day for new jokes.Horror Humor - Everybody loves memes lately!  Especially good horror humor!  Come back every day for new jokes.

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