Save me, Quester! Greetings,
I'm melting! aaaahhhh...

Read them!Please follow these simple guidelines and tipsRead them!
to fully enhance your enjoyment of the game.

You MUST set your screen resolution to 640x480 in order for the single-tiled backgrounds to display properly. If you play in any other resolution, you won't be able to find your way to the next level. This I will guarantee!
To play the game properly, you should be using a browser that is (at the very least) one of these versions or newer: Internet Explorer 3.02+, Netscape Navigator 3.0+, AOL 4.0+, WebTV 2.0+.
There is a text window in every page. Read the text to follow the storyline. The text explains where you are, why you're there, and gives you clues to completing the game in one piece.
All pages contain music which can not be controlled by the player. However, when a page contains a sound (.wav), a control console will be available just below the text table within the same page.
WAIT for the pages to load in their entirety! If you don't, you'll miss out on a lot of the hidden fun. Download speeds vary depending on your connection speed.
NAVIGATION: When you are in a page that displays no apparent link, simply point to the direction you want to go. Sometimes you'll have to click on "objects," sometimes "exits," and sometimes you must use the tools that you've acquired in order to advance to the next page.
When, and if, your roleplaying character dies, or you're viewing certain pages, you can hop on your horse to be transported to another page that is respectful of your current position within the game. Your horse will only appear after you've reached the castle itself.Hop on, Quester!
Thinking of cheating? There ain't no way, Quester! I challenge anyone to win this game by not actually playing it! You'll see what I mean after (rather, if) you reach the castle itself.
If you're using WebTV to play, you're most likely going to win more easily since WebTV automatically outlines every link on a page. If this is the case, I urge you to play Castle Quest on a regular browser sometime to enhance your enjoyment (and frustration - hehehe) of the game.
And finally, should you complete the game, you will be awarded a noble Castle Quest animated icon to embed within your own site. Castle Quest contains hundreds of pages! That doesn't mean you'll have to visit all of them, but it will definitely take a while to complete the game. It's not at all easy to win - this isn't the Caverns Of Blood Game after all! So, use your head and logic will prevail.
This site took over one thousand hours to create... I hope it's as much fun for you to play as it was for me to make! Oh, and please say hello to the Evil Queen for me (if you're still alive that is).
FYI: Castle Quest was originally created in 1997. Back then it was a state-of-the-art online html game and utilized many of the most popular web browser features available at the time. Being as I considered it sort of "drawing in time," it was never changed or improved upon. Later, Quester!

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