I'll cut you, man!
Cut me, Spelunker!

...As you picked up the gooey, dilapidating skull, you were unceremoniously sucked into some kind of foul smelling, gyrating vortex. After whirling about for several seconds you haphazardly plummeted here. There is an intense, repugnant stench all about the area - ravishing your senses.buzzz...blaaaahh... You begin to gag and choke uncontrollably. The rank, corrupt aroma is so septic and revolting that, with an explosive surge of helplessness, you ultimately vomit without constraint! You are very pale and debilitated at this moment.

You now realize your grievous predicament and actual location. You are gazing inside-out of what looks to be a mutilated, lifeless, decaying entity. You're maggot food if you persist in exploring this festering boil of a grotto much longer. You notice eerie pulsations, a constant dull thudding crunch, and faint wails of pain in the distance. You might be able to slash your way out of here if you were not experiencing so much enervation and instability. Oops! You just violently spewed monolithic regurgitated chunks all over a group of starving maggots!