I have an Excedrin headache...whack ... whack ... whack ...

...You scantily slithered your way through the carved layer of putrescent flesh! Trying to regain your recently sickened senses, you take deep, dubious breaths of the stale alien oxygen offered. You reluctantly commence surveying these new found surroundings... A chopping-like intruding racket, along with disturbing howls of agony and suffering, is ricocheting off of the sculpture riddled walls of this third shuddery inwardness. Considering your current feeble state of brain and body, you decide not to investigate the source of the grisly, reverberating audio. You then must remind your daunted and pessimistic self, "Cave Of Jewels ... Cave Of Jewels" Without further hesitation you restively creep toward the chilling shrieks of misery.























As you cautiously move closer to the unidentified origin of this macabre dissonance, you reach a rather large obscuring stalagmite blocking your path. You guardedly peek over the mineral layered impediment only to behold a hideous, mutated, monster-like, cannibalistic, blood soaked, frenzied, pus contaminated, cave dwelling primitive - in the process of preparing dinner. The main course happens to be a previous explorer that clicked on the wrong icon. While the barbaric troglodyte savagely dismembers the still alive Spelunker you think, "Better him than me!"
Freshly sheared body parts and carefully scavenged bones are randomly scattered about the dank, landscape! It may be possible for you to cleanly slip by this flesh eating butcher if you're clever.














































~ Dead ends here, Spelunker ~
(die well)