View Full Version : Original Paintings for your haunt

Paula Shaughnessy
12-30-2011, 06:34 PM
Hi there!

Got a haunt that needs some color? Want to accessorize your set with some original artwork? Maybe Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory needs some neon pop art with bubbling test tubes, or that bedroom scene could use a black & white abstract of Lizzie Bordon's house to finish the setting just right.

I'm looking to get exposure for my artwork. I'd be open to any interesting marketing opportunities; want to make an exchange? IE - if you have decent attendance numbers, maybe I do a free painting for you...you call it out at the ticket booth & give your attendees a place to drop off their e-mail addresses and one of them wins a painting at the end of season. We both build our contact lists, someone else gets a painting, win-win!

You can check out some of my current work at this link:

Drop me a line - would love to hear from you!