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09-27-2011, 06:44 PM
There's a brisk breeze in the air, bringing us the smell of dead leaves and rain. Summer has passed and Autumn is here, which means one thing - Halloween is near! With Halloween approaching, NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Empire is back on the air! This is our 11th year on the air!

The NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Empire consists of three, count 'em three, unique Halloween internet radio stations. Our flagship station, NeverEndingWonder Halloween, plays a unique freeform mix of horror & Halloween themed music from days long past to contemporary new releases. You can hear early jazz & blues numbers, such as Robert Johnson's Hellbound Train and Bessie Smith's Graveyard Dream Blues, big band and swing novelties such as Swingin' At the Seance and The Ghost of Smokey Joe, a cornacopia of crazy novelties from the monster explosion of the 50s, such as The Goo Goo Muck, The Blob, and so much more, classic spooky music from the 60s & 70s such as Roky Erikson, Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd and King Krimson, right up to recent offerings from such bands as Midnight Syndicate and Nox Arcana.

We also feature horror & sci-fi soundtracks classic & contemorary, from The Bride of Frankenstein (the first original horror film score), to the iconic composers such as Henry Manfredini, John Carpenter, Danny Elfman, David Hess, Les Baxter, Akira Ifukube (who composed powerful, atmospheric scores for so many Godzilla films) and many many more.

But we don't just shuffle the music and throw it on the air, what makes NeverEndingWonder Halloween so unique and entertaining, is the ephemera we include in the mix. You'll hear everything from horror movie trailers and radio commercials, sound bites from horror & sci-fi films, the testimony of UFO abductees, classic Ripley's Believe it or Not spots, and material that was specially recorded just for NeverEndingWonder Halloween that can not be heard anywhere else; Halloween greetings and memories from some surprising guests, such as David Hedison (from the classic film The Fly), the magical Forrest J. Ackerman (one of the last things he ever recorded, R.I.P. dear Forry), Ricoh Ross, Jim O'Rear, even fan favorites Victoria DeMare & Chainsaw Sally, not to mention a slew of Halloween & Horror Fans. And that's ust the tip of the icepick! Not to mention - an hour of spooky old time radio dramas, twice a day, at noon & midnight, Pacific Time!

We also present two other stations:
Welcome to Weirdsville - The Silly Side of Halloween, on which you can hear great Halloween comedy and comedy music. Spike Jones, Zacherlie, Bobby Boris Pickett, Weird Al, Elvira, Dickie Goodman - they're all there, along with more, more & more!

Halloween On Broadway - here you'll hear all the strange and creepy musicals. Rocky Horror, Sweeney Todd, Phantom of the Opera, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Dance of the Vampires, and the ever present More! How about Rocky Horror in Spanish? How about Danish? We got 'em! Silence of the Lambs the Musical - we've got it!

You can tune in to the three stations of the NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio by going here:


No signups, no registration, and always and forever COMMERCIAL FREE!

And once again, the Insane Uncle Ozma will be doing a live broadcasting marathon where you can make requests and chat with a legion of horror fans in the NeverEndingWonder chat room! Since Halloween is on a Monday this year, the live broadcasting marathon will be THREE DAYS LONG! Saturday, Sunday & Monday Oct. 29-31.

So, join us for a bloody grand time!


In the next post I will also tell you how you can participate in this year's Halloween Extravaganza!

09-27-2011, 06:46 PM
I was trying to come up with something new for this year's extravaganza, and I came up with the idea of "news items."

My live broadcast marathon will be three days long this year, and as part of my talk breaks, I'd like to have "news coverage" of horror events to read. What I'm talking about is events from popular horror fiction and movies, presented as news. Things like:

"Last night passers by at the Museum of Antiquities reported they saw a man completely wrapped in bandages carrying an unconscious young woman. Investigators are trying to locate the couple."

That one's pretty lame, but you get the idea. I'm looking for short, concise news items based on the recognizable classics. The works of Poe, Lovecraft, King... movies like Frankenstein, Wolfman, Dracula, Nightmare on Elm street, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Hellraiser, etc.

Imagine the events from your favorite horror story or movie were being reported on the news. That's what I'm looking for!

I don't care if you think you're a writer or not- give it a try! There's no payment for your effort, but I will make a page on my website for all the contributors, with a link to a website, if you so wish. I'm not looking for recordings- just the script- between one to six lines long.

Sound like fun? I think it does! Don't post them here, send them to my email


Write as many as you want! Thanks for your help!

10-29-2011, 01:00 AM
The Annual NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Live Broadcast Marathon is coming up soon!

The Insane Uncle Ozma will begin broadcasting live Saturday, October 29, 2011 as soon as he wakes up, and will continue until he passes out, for three days straight!

You'll be able to make your requests via email or in the chat room. That's right! You can chat with other horror & Halloween fanatics! Link to the chat room will appear magically on NeverEndingWonder.com Saturday morning. For the email address to send requests, tune in!

Come one, come all to the Halloween Spookarama Extravaganza!