Halloween MIDIS

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Hello and I'm having trouble finding some good midis, please help by putting midis in comments! Don't put mean comments in saying you can't upload midis. Just put them in a zip file.
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  1. JustJimAZ's Avatar
    Try these first. MIDI half way down

    Lots of options HERE too.

    THIS page links to several MIDI pages related to Halloween

    Also This one, That One, These, Those (I find Omars to be a great general resource), or Google.

    I found these using Google. I have Firefox with WOT added on, so it blocks the sites that are known to be harmful. If you don't have something like that, Google is more dangerous.

    If what you find is not enough (there are a ton of duplicates, I know), why not try converting MP3 to MIDI? I'm guessing you want MIDI for a specific reason, so converting MP3 or WAV files to MIDI will give you a HUGE number of sounds.
  2. skullkid2802's Avatar
    Thank you! I found some i never heard of some but im looking for a midi on a site named but its closed down and the midi is on the page: or in 2004: And i'll try converting wavs/mp3 to midis.Thank You