Little Suggestion.

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This is my first post, I have been venting a little frustration of mine when it comes to a certain horror 'story', one I feel has been done a complete injustice. Alas none of these friends seem to share nor care about my frustrations lol. These frustrations are with the films surrounding the story of Michael Myers.

Halloween starts off with good intentions when it comes to the first and second movie... however then it veers off course, creates all these loose ties that never seem to be tied up. For instance, his niece Jamie, obviously Laurie Strode (Angel Myers) had a daughter, it comes out of nowhere, no explation as too why she's not in Jamies life, how she even got herself pregnant when at the end of the last film previously, she was institutionalised. And to add insult to injury up pops this 'psychic' connection between Jamie & Michael I mean WTF!! Really?? Then we get a little better with H20, and then they decide to end the iconic story of a stone dead serial murderer, with some lame ass story line of 6 kids winning a competition to stay in his house and find clues as to what drove him to kill, when the Haddon police force is meant to have been investigating it for what over 20 years... yeah ok!!

I would like to follow this little rant through because it's not a movie I fall in love with, it's the story behind it. I truley believe the characters of Michael Myers, Laurie Strode & Dr Sam Loomis were done an injustice. However, I have searched and searched for somebody 'official' to plant the idea of a complete & proper rehaul of the story and come to an end of epic proportions as it should have done in the first place. Can anyone help me or at least share the same frustration because at this point I am starting to feel a little nuts...
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