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A World of Tutorials

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Need ideas for props? Need help on a prop? Low on cash and looking for a cheap alternative to something? Ever go to Instructables? More searchable than most forums, it is a site dedicated to peer-to-peer tutorials.

Whatever it is, you can probably learn how to do it or make it or mod it there. Yes, there is s Halloween specific area, but why limit yourself? You will find haunt worthy ideas in the magic tricks section, or maybe the technology section, or fashion...

There are hundreds or thousands of people contributing solid knowledge on everything from cooking to costuming, to custom cars.

I posted my own instructable - a tutorial for changing plastic snack food containers into Mad Science Specimen Displays.

I also recently posted my Brain in a Jar on the site too, using many of the same techniques.

There are all kinds of amazing projects there, and maybe even one that will help you with whatever you are working on now!

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