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    I only read James Herbert books. I've tried reading most of the other well known authors but none of them do it for me. The Pan Books of Horror are quite good though.

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    I looooove to read good horror/thriller/suspense novels. Early Dean Koontz is my fav. Also F. Paul Wilson's Repairman Jack books are excellent, although I suppose more scifi than straight horror. Just downloaded the complete HP Lovecraft on my Kindle - so far I've read the first story and it was really interesting to see where so much of the current "horror cannon" came from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horror Dude View Post
    I never read books. But I love watching movie and TV. So I never read the horror books.

    Is anyone else like this too?
    Same here, It feels weird for me reading books well horror novels in particular... I'd rather wait for the movie version or for the TV adaptaion lol.

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    I do not read horror Book , I myself is a HORROR. (LOL)

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    I read horror books when i get time, Stephen King and Peter Straub are Famous Authors in Horror stories.



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