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    Scary costumes for kids?

    So my kids love Halloween and scary things as much as I do, but their grandparents don't exactly approve of them dressing in (a lot of costumes like that, even), even if they are mild with a small amount of blood or vampire related. So what do you think? Should I allow my kids to dress as they want, or listen to their grandparents' suggestion and try to steer them towards other things? What is your opinion?

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    Sure... As long as kids do not dress as something that is purposely offensive to a group of people..they should be able to pick their own costumes.

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    Same is the case with my kids,In my point of View Children under 12 years old must not be allowed these Scary costumes like vampires and blood on costumes, it can leave Negative effect on their minds.

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    I don't see anything wrong with scary costumes for kids. Where I do have issues is seeing young girls in skimpy little clothing as a "costume". That can just come across as trashy!



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