I've browsed the horror Movie list and did not find any Asian Horror movie here... I'd love to suggest some good Asian Horror movies that you might find worth watching.

1. Shutter (Thai)
2. The Art of the Devil (1,2 and 3)-Thai- the 2nd movie is not related to the first, but the cast were mostly the same. The 3rd movie is the prequel of part 2..
3. Ladda Land (Thai)
4. Feng Shui (Filipino)- Good story but I hated the screams of the lead actress.
5. Sigaw (Filipino, it means Scream in English)- This story was remaked "The Echo" I guess because they cannot use "scream"lol... The US Version was starred by Jesse Bradford. The plot is good and I highly recommend it.

Please feel free to add Asian Horror movies you have watched.