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Thread: Reaper?

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    I've had a nightmare before, it was really scary because In my dream I woke up (the same room and night gown I was wearing when I fell a sleep.. that's why I thought it was real) I woke up because I felt that someone have sitted beside me, I saw a little girl that was looking at me. She looked really scary but I did not feel afraid or anything, it felt like I knew the girl all along. The girl took my hand and told me "It's Time"... I willingly obliged to go with her, then suddenly I gathered the people important to me in a room and told them that I love them all and we should celebrate... I was suddenly on the staircase about to go up my room when the girl suddenly appeared again and told me once again "Its time"... Again I did not feel scared but I was crying... Then I found myself watching my own funeral, I was crying watching and hearing what people had to say...Finally I really woke up... crying...

    What do you think is the message behind that nightmare?

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    They say that your dreams are your subconscious wishes or fears. Perhaps at that time you were in doubt if you mattered to people important to you.. Or is death just something you wanted to be prepared of.



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