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    Exorcism Movies

    I know there are many exorcism movies out there, and the plot is the same of course someone gets possessed most likely a woman, a priest comes and do the exorcism and the battle is over. Even though the plot is quite familiar we should also admit that there were some scary points in there. The best film in this genre that I liked the most is the exorcism of Emily Rose. How about you guys?

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    What I think about exorcism movies is the battle between the good and the bad. Did you know that the move "The Exorcist" was based from real events? I saw this in a documentary that the story was unfold because of manuscripts that were discovered. The day to day accounts that was written by one of the priests involved, it was the main foundation of the novel and the movie. That documentary was quite old that's why I am not sure if the priest they interviewed is still alive today. He said that he was just a seminarian then and his job was to help the other priest to restrain the boy during the exorcism. Another significant fact about this was that when the film was shown, the catholic church reported an increase of confessions and calls for possible exorcism. (talking about how movies influence people lol).



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