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Thread: Zombies

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    Did you see the movie "Rec 3"? Well, it was a Zombie movie but it wasn't virus related. It was actually related to Demonic possession. So everybody was Zombiefied including the two main character which is a newly wedded couple. The Bride was infected, so the Groom kissed her by the time she was turning. The now Zombiefied Bride bites off her Groom's tongue. I don't wanna be much of a spoiler to you guys so just watch it. It's just so sweet the Groom had to stay with the love of his life until their death (on their wedding day). OOOppppsss i did it again.

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    Well you haven't actually spoiled it for me co'z i already saw it. I love the bride, i think shes pretty. Was it Italian?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AAREN View Post
    Running will be the only option at that time, ... And of course she will chase you, so " YOU HAVE TO DARE ", " ADAM ROSS "
    Well i think i better should, just promise to be there in case i wet my pants trying.

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    If my lover becomes a zombie, i'd kill him instantly. I'd put him off his misery, he's already dead the minute that whatever thing that is driving him mad and starving for flesh.



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