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Thread: A night mare...

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    A night mare...

    When I was a child , Often I used to saw a Scary Dream, That was like a night mare, It did not let me sleep, rather i would have that dream again..
    The Dream Was
    "I am playing with my friends, It becomes a late night game , we keep on playing at midnight , then all of a sudden except me and another boy, all of our friends
    becomes monster. Both , me and my (Human) friend starts running , but those monster keep on chasing us, where ever we go they come in front of us, They make
    exhaust ... EEEEeeeh and then they starts to strangle me "

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    another zombipocalypse? lol. I hate dreams like that you wake up tired too. Worse is waking up to the feeling of falling.

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    they say that when you wake up because of the feeling of falling is your growth spurt. lol. Though I hate it as well when I was younger I just thought to myself that It would help me grow haha.

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    God Forbid !

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    Ever since I was a child I have h
    ad the same nightmare over and over again. .a big open space some entity in the distance and this overwhelmed feeling of failure



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