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    Share your experience !

    I have never attend any Halloween ever, just saw that in movies, but excited to know about the experience of the people who celebrate the Halloween.

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    Experience of Halloween in the form of Poetry.... Hope you will like It !

    cratch scratch scratch....

    Scratch scratch scratch
    i can hear it on the wall
    it really creeps me out a bit
    at night time most of all

    scratch scratch scratch
    at the window by my head
    i think i hear the scratching
    coming from beneath my bed.

    scratch scratch scratch
    can you hear it on the floor?
    i hope it's not a monster
    lurking just behind the door.

    scratch scratch scratch
    it's getting louder drawing near
    maybe i should jump up
    and high tail it out of here

    scratch scratch scratch
    now it's much too late to run
    i think it's right beside me
    and i think that i am done

    scratch scratch scratch
    i can't tell just where it's at
    good grief it's not a monster
    it's just george.....our cat.
    every day to me is HALLOWEEN!



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