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    Scarbie is not so bad at all. How about something way sick than it?

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    How about an Encyclopedia of horror related events and characters. That would be fun and informative.

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    How about a library of Horror/Halloween stories? It could be fun, so people could read them while they're not in discussions. what do you say?

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    Whatever you have it mind guys, let the mods decide and i fine with whatever you put in here as long as its Halloween/Horror related.

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    I hope you don't take so offensive but, all our games are very crap. Is there anyway we can get real games? I mean really working games like flash games and whatsoever, like the ones from y8?

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    Yeah that's correct, i would love to play some ZOMBIE SHOOTING games. Please moderators and developers. Please make it happen.

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    Is there a discussion board here about real haunted experiences? Why don't anybody start sharing their own experiences if there's any?
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    Interactive games would be great, haunted house type like that Hotel 626 i used to play years ago.

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    How about a COB chat to add to the forum or main site?

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    Will there ever be a game like "the Caverns Game" again, with all of the Web 1.0 features that make the caverns game what it is? COB should totally do that for their 20th anniversary, which I think is coming up soon.



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