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    CAN watching too many horror films affect my dreams?

    I already have a pretty vivid imagination, but lately all my dreams have been very disturbed and involved alot of death.

    I do watch a lot of horror films though, so i'm wondering if this is the cause or if i'm just bizarre.

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    Possibly, it would probably happen because the last thing that gets concentrated on your brain will still be worked on even when you are sleeping. Like for instance, you were thinking a lot about eating shawarma until the last minute you went to bed, chances are----you will be dreaming about eating a mountain of shawarma because that thought was already registered in your brain.

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    I agree. I happen to think a lot about something once and it actually followed me in my dreams, good thing it wasn't a scary stuff. It was a very beautiful TOY CAR, LMAO! I think that's how it happens, its like what your brain really thinks about becomes your dream, if its creepy you'll have nightmareeeeeeeeee.

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    I watched a local horror movie about demonic possession once, it was soooo scary that i couldn't take it off my head until i was lying in my head i could still remember he face of the possessed girl. Then that's it, i had the worst nightmare ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lion King View Post
    lately all my dreams have been very disturbed and involved alot of death.
    That is not healthy anymore dude, you need to take a break from your horror movies. Having heart-attacks during nightmares are possible thing. There was this guy in my town who says he always has a nightmare like everynight. One day we heard that he died during his sleep.

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    Most definitely. By watching just one horror movie some people can have bad dreams about them. The more you watch, the more often this can occur.

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    Dying in your sleep is way scary. That is why i don't watch horror or suspense-thriller movies before i go to bed. I hate nightmares!

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    What is that? Nightmare in Elm Street? ....If this guy was real would you still go to sleep? remember the latest Nightmare on Elms Street movie? remember the word "Micro Naps"? That's so scary as shit!

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    I have heard about Nightmare Death Syndrome, its so scary. Just imagine dying in your sleep and its a true case. What is weird is that all sources i have read about Death Syndrome showed similar reports. If you are curious with this and want to read. Go to Google and type "death by nightmare" or "Nightmare death syndrome".. It could happen to anybody. And Lion King my friend better should go seek some help.

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    That is a real event, i came across a lot of articles about Nightmare Death Syndrome and they are very disturbing. Wes Craven was actually inspired by these death cases that he created "The Nightmare on Elm Street" Check it out;

    “In the middle of the night they heard these horrendous screams and crashings and they ran in and he’s thrashing on the bed. They ran to him and by the time they got to him he was dead. They did an autopsy on him and there was nothing physically wrong with him. And I just thought: “My God.”
    ~Wes Craven



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