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    Halloween III

    Hello everyone, who likes the movie halloween III.Thats my favorite movie, and many other people I know don't like it. I made a couple H3 gifs and ive never seen any other. Do you like H3?
    , Skullkid2802

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    Is that an old movie? I think i haven't seen that one yet. If ever i did saw that movie, i have no recollection of it whatsoever and if that's so then it means its not good for me. Good movies get stuck in my head and they never go.

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    I don't think I have seen Halloween 3 yet. I was always under the impression that Halloween was an older movie, similar to the original Scream movie? Maybe I am wrong!

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    I liked it, but it isn't as popular as the others since it's not about Michael Myers. It's about killing trick or treaters, primarily children, on Halloween. The concept was pretty awesome for the time.



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