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    Why are movie critics such a bunch of assholes!?

    Hi everyone, i just happened to watch a thriller movie of which i think is good, enough. after the movie i search for its reviews on the web and there i found way way over the belt NEGATIVE as SHIT reviews and comments. I then realized that even when doing a review about real good movies, they can throw a lot of rotten tomatoes at it with all the degrading descriptions in the world. I asked myself, this happens all the time and my sleeping hatred against this assholes was again awakened. (SORRY FOR MY LANGUAGE BUT I REALLY FELT LIKE EXPRESSING MY FEELINGS TOWARDS THESE PRETENTIOUS PEOPLE, AND THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE WHERE I CAN DO MY RANTING).

    What can you say about this? I want to know your opinion.

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    Movie critics are a bunch of asses, Acting like Grade School top students competing with each other to conjure the most clever word plays that antagonize a movie that everybody else in the world loves. That's movie critics are, just plain trying-hard douche-bags.

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    Everyone has their own opinions on any given movie. You may or may not agree with what is being said by them. It's just one person's opinion. An opinion can neither be right or wrong. I think it's hilarious that so many people get upset over reviews of a movie. Come on, lighten up!

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    It's just one person's opinion over another's. I wonder how these critics come to be? I think I would do a better job sometimes then they do!



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