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    Paranormal Activity

    I saw the first movie Paranormal Activity

    Was the second move better or worse than the first?

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    kids said it was better... I was working so I didn't see it with them. We are a HORROR House so, pretty good judgement from them
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    Maybe I will give that a shot. I like the first one. I like the end!

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    I have seen paranormal activity, but not the movie. I was very impressed! "Author! Author!(Director!? Stunt woman?")
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    The second one was okay. Scare factor, I think the first one was creepier, but then again I kept waiting for something to pop through the hallway and it never did XD

    There were maybe two scenes that scared the shit out of me in the second one because of the jump factor and then filming. But I did like the end of the second one. It's worth seeing the end, I think.

    If you liked the first one, you'd probably enjoy the second one.



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