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    666- Mark of the Beast. DO YOU THINK ITS REAL?

    We have watched it on Horror movies, the number 666 symbolizes the devil. But what is it really and why in the world would a number be affiliated to the Devil?

    In real life, people panic upon hearing the sound of it. There is a Non-Government-Organization is my town aimed to helping poor people, this time a rumor spread that the founder of that association is a marked 666 persona which is why the poor people are too scared to participate. I see it as an aggravation perpetuated by heartless people for the sole purpose of destroying the credibility of a good man and to scare and hurt their fellow. What can you say further about the number 666? Do you think its real or just fake propagated by smart people to cause panic to the masses for their advantage?

    Love to hear from you.

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    Well, peopl say it is from the Bible in the book of Revelation. It is the mark people take so they can buy and sell things after the rapture has taken place. the rapture is when Jesus Christ comes back and takes his believers to heaven. I feel creeped out everytime i hear that one.



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