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Thread: True Blood

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    Terra will be returning for season 5 in some fashion. Ghost or newly turned vampire - I don't know.
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    Oh yeah very,very upset about Jesus as well I liked him!

    We have been wondering maybe if this season was just setting up for seasons to come.. lotta doors open.
    The apperence of Rene was awesome also--
    Boy Grans kitchen sure should have an awful lot of residual ghost energy, eh? LOL
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    Boy Am I late or what, I've just started watching this series had a true blood marathon haha... Well I'm loving it so far, I gues it's better late than never right?

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    YEa.... I love it too, Hero is handsome, and show is superb...

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    I haven't seen any episode of that series,if you're saying its good then i might as well check it out. The last horror series i have seen was The Walking Dead and American Horror Story. Sure i'll be watching one episode today, you people got me curious with your positive comments.

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    True Blood is a good TV-series. Its one of my favorite shows now. I just started watching the 2nd season!

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    I love True Blood, its got another taste of a vampire story. I like the character depict a vampire character. They are not represented as monsters and animals. Its very good.

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    I agree with that. I hope they would add another series. Thanks for sharing here

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    I'm a HUGE true blood fan! I think it just keeps getting more & more interesting! I don't know why ppl are complaining about it in all honesty!



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