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    What are your plans for Halloween Costumes?

    Hi people, the Halloween is coming soon and i can't help but wonder what i would have for this season, i am thinking between doing a Predator or Zombie. What's yours?

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    Mine is simple, meet with friends for bottles of beer and gin. LOL!

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    Hi guys, its 67 days to go before Halloween. How are you? what are you up to this Halloween?

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    I was a huge fan of FACE OFF series and i kind of plan to having one of those costumes they are doing.

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    Face Off is a place where the best from Movie type Make Up effects compete with each other, i been watching that too. Who's watching it here?

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    That is a great show! I love it.

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    This season is gonna be huge than ever.

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    Where can i see that series? I'd love to check that out.

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    I am not sure! One of my friend's was considering being Dora the Explorer. She sort of resembles her, which is weird. She would make an awesome Dora the Explorer!



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