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Thread: How long....

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    How long....

    Have you liked horror-related stuff? I've always liked skulls (Only reason I watched Ghost Rider 1 and 2), true ghost stories, etc. I have a couple Matchbox size hearses in my collection, and if had money to waste would see about owning and customizing one. Not to mention acquiring one of Christines.

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    That's a cool taste you got in there buddy. I love Ghost Rider too. I got 3 different edition action figures in my room, along with others.

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    What can you say about the 2nd Ghost Rider movie? were you satisfied with it? I wasn't...tsk.

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    I am a big fan of Ghost Rider myself too. I remember back then my room is filled with Marvel comics and majority of them were Ghost Riders. I miss that room.

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    I think that most of us are fan of Marvels, its comics and movies. But what comes from my collection are " Horror books, graphic novels and horror comics".

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    Not sure how long I have been a fan. When I was younger, I hated anything horror related. Clearly, somewhere along the way that thought process changed.

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    I've always loved horror stories as and movies

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    Always have, Always will love horror.



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