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    I woke up 3am today. This freaked me out

    If you happen to watch Exorcism of Emily Rose, you probably understand what im posting. Please share with me your similar experince about waking up at 3am.

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    I can not say that I have ever watched the Exorcism of Emily Rose, but I have heard that it is super scary! Not sure if I believe that or not. Apparently, you agree with that statement if you had a nightmare that night.

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    In my culture waking up at 3am means that something is watching you and you wake up because of it. What does waking up at 3am in Emily Rose mean? I watched the movie, but I can't remember the 3am thing.

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    3am is considered to be the hour of disrespect to the Trinity.... I do believe that you can have interactions with dark spirits

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    I have been told that 3AM is the witches/devil's hour.

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    Woke up at 3am?? Thats usually when I take a nap...



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