I'm bad at introducing myself, but I'll give it a try. So get ready for a lot of information you probably don't care about

So... I'm a 20year old girl from the Netherlands. And I've always loved horror stories and movies. And usually regret watching/reading them the night after But getting scared is the whole point of it, right?
In daily life I'm a student. Animal caretaking, not anything fascinating. But once I can get a job, I'll be able to part-time study more interesting things. Will have to choose first what I wan't to study, though, I just like to many things.
With hobbies, it's the same. I love writing (sometimes horror stories), and skating, horseback riding, drawing, watching television, wasting my time, etc... Oh, and buying shoes. And books. And nail polish. And dragon statues. Come to think of it, I just like buying things. And later I complain to friends that I never have any money left after the first week of each month.
I don't like getting up early in the morning, but I have to 5 days per week to be on time for school. Train leaves at 7, if I miss it I'll be half an hour late.
My favorite animal is the giraffe, favorite color is purple, favorite movie is The Crow, favorite horror movie is Mirrors. And I read the Donald Duck magazine every week, and collect them all in a chair in my living room.