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    New Halloween/Horror Music!

    Hi. I compose dark orchestrated music and I just released my first cd. Please check it out! Thanks!

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    That is pretty cool. What is your web site with more info?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horror Dude View Post
    That is pretty cool. What is your web site with more info?
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    I already own this and highly recommend it.

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    I was listening last night. Very good stuff!

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    Really good, Keep it Up!

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    Hi this is a good one! If i can get new ones i will be posting creepy musical scores too.

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    WoW... I love to listen that kinda music... Do you have more something like this music... Even not by you, some one else..

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    Do you like Korean, Japanese type horror musical background? I love how can be so creative in their arts. Like that one from "One Missed Call" it is

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    Hey Verse that is really good, keep it up buddy. You can make a good Musical Writer for a Movie/Game with that talent.



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