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    First off this should be a good thread, but...

    Years ago, when I was around 15 years (maybe 30-50 years ago) I told myself I was to never ever to have anther scary bad dream, to this day, I have not. After a very bad dream I decided that I will never have another bad dream where I was going to get hurt. This had been imbedded into my mind so much that one night I had a dream that some punk was going to knife me, I yelled out, "I have lived this long and you are not going to kill me?", then I awoke to find myself throwing a kick into the air. If you have bad dreams, you can and will control them.

    Also, the dream of falling, let it happen, you will find a pleasant feeling of raising afterward.

    My grammar is not too good, but my dreams are. I have no bad dreams to tell, only profound truth.
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    Controlling dreams is so true, I love it when I know I'm dreaming and I get to decide what to do, I change rooms, create a new one, pick any car from the parking lot and drive it no one would call the police, I can even fly. Too bad they're always short.

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