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    Nightmares that are not scary but contain Hellish or Scary Images

    Ok this isnt really a nightmare as I didnt wake up terrified but it was vivid and interesting enough to share.
    Mine starts almost like I was awake as the dream takes place in my room.
    It started with me 'waking up' in my room. I see red lights, confused I look around and notice the source to be down in the gap between my bed and the wall. A very deep voice speaks to me which sounded like the devil. Unnerved but not scared I get up and walked outside.
    After walking about for a little while I notice the sky being red and fire descending from the heavens. Above the river I live near in the distance are the four horseman of the apocalypse laughing and taunting. Legions of the undead walking the streets, the river coloured dark red like blood and the trees dark and rotted.
    Sadly I wake up shortly afterwards. I tried to go to sleep again to resume the dream but I slept normally for the rest of it.

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    It seems like you saw a version of the doomsday.

    I say feesh, the easy deesh that's so deleesh


    I say mghyon ghyon, too much dark meat can ruin your figure



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