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    Ummm. There were a lot of people thinking the world ended earlier today. They said that it WAS going to happen and refused to answer "what if it would not happen".


    Just saying.

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    So true.


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    I feel sorry for those that were duped into believing what "was" gonna happen. On the upside though I found out that the CDC has a section for a Zombie attack.... it was pretty cool.

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    Has anyone heard from anyone since then? the ones that said that said that it would happen for sure? Wonder what they are saying now.

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    I kind of wanted to do that prank where people were leaving clothes out on the sidewalks and in front of houses..

    There were a few people I knew that were mad it didn't happen because that meant no zombies.. Damn :P

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    This is so sad... and funny. Not sure whether it is more sad or funny, probably sad.

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    What's that? The Rapture was spiritual not physical? We have until October 21st now?
    Meh, I'm still planning on Halloween coming. It's the only thing that keeps be going.
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    boy I hear that.. Good thing only us heathens will be left..gonna be a great HALLOWEEN without my kid getting bible tracts LMAO...He keeps guessing sooner or later he'll get it right LMAO
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    The image is too big to post, but it's freaking hilarious!
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    Just before the "Rap" was in the news, another real news story was about a preacher getting caught telling big fibs about his being a Navy Seal. The disturbing part for me was a psychiatrist saying that if someone will be telling these kind of fibs, it will almost always be a preacher!?
    They just have a burning desire to fill that church with "bodies" and the mere truth gets kicked to the side.
    Pretty sad.
    So then where does that leave the preachers as far as being men of God? Truth and The Truth might be a foreign, anti-matter when placed beside mere men and their pettiness and needs for all of the immeadiate quick-fixes in this life.
    And then there are some pure "Sport Liars" who will lie, "even when the truth would have served them better!"



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