Hello Everyone,

I am the Webmaster of spookinite

I have been a fan of Frightbytes and Caverns of Blood for a long time.

I have been inspired by both websites, so I created my website: spookinite

I hope you all like it. The music you hear is by Midnight Syndicate and yes, I did get permission from Edward Douglas.

I'll just introduce myself to you all. No, I'm not giving away all my information.

I've always been interested in mining. Especially Gold mining. I like to explore old abandoned mines and caves. Yes I have found gold before.

Now, the last forum I've been on, everyone got mad at me because I didn't know how forums work. now I do. If I make a mistake, please don't get mad at me or get annoyed.

I don't ever feel like being ganged up on again. Trust me, that has happened to me my whole life, in person and on the internet.

Anyway, I made my account and I guess I'll just be on.