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    Beautiful Dancer

    She lived in the forest;flew through the trees.At midnight,I would go there, to see her beautiful face. She lured me,called me,persuaded me to come. She was so dark and beautiful,She said to bring someone.To join us in our dance. Yes I said; and started to go;with a very longing glance.The next night;I heard her calling,as if in a trance.Here we go; we walked so slow;Through the moonlight she appeared.So beautiful to see.With a suttlle look at me;and tore apart my friend, in a dance that was for me.I was so hypnotised the next night, I brought my lover three. She danced and ate and danced and ate, till there was nothing left to see.She looked so fair while danceing there, her eyes were red as rubies. Her long hair blowing in the night, trying again to fool me.After she will dance for me, she was coming; round and round, I knew that she saw through me. I needed more; so once again, she came to me.She ate and danced and ate and danced;such a thrill ran to me. She called me there ;one more time, I fell for her embrace. She came around so beautifully; much closer than before I wonder what she will do to me, she danced and danced came closer still,this dance it was for me,its time, she said to do your part.Never fall for a beautiful dancer; . She danced and ate and danced and ate, until she ate my heart.
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