I had this dream when I was about 8, and when I told it to my friends, they laughed at how silly it sounded. But it really freaked me out.
I was in my grandmother's house, but there was an extra door in between her bedroom and the guest bedroom- a door to a new room we had never seen before. My sister and I decided to go into the room to see what was in it. The room was dark, but we could clearly see many shelves with toys and stuffed animals in them, like a toy store. But these toys were covered in blood and had strange and grotesque faces. Some had huge eyes that almost popped out and some had dirty buck teeth. My sister and I knew that the only way to get out of that room was to walk past the scary toys and exit through another door on the other side of the room (I don't know why). So we tried to walk quietly because we felt that the toys were watching us. About halfway there, a deep, echoed voice said, "Well, who goes there?" My sister and I screamed and ran towards the exit, but a line of toys armed with weapons (guns, knives, scissors, etc.) blocked us. We turned around, but we were completely surrounded by toys. My sister and I knew that these toys were smaller than us, so we just ran for the door, stepping on any toys in our way. We ran into our grandmother's arms, and we locked the doors. I unfortunately lost one of my shoes, but I couldn't care less in that moment.