Have you ever had a nightmare where you wake up from one, but it turns out you're still dreaming? And that happens over and over for quite a while?
Mine's like that.

It actually starts off really cute. It's the girl I like (lets call her Deanna) and I (I'll be going by Sammy) going out for a walk. As we're walking, she's holding my hand. I get really flustered at the motion, but I tighten my grip on her hand. She's honestly the sweetest person once you properly know her. She has such a wayward personality, but that's what makes her great. What makes her amazing, in my eyes. Oops, I'm rambling-

Anyway, the date is October 20. We're holding hands, and just walking. We're pointing out random buildings, and odd-shaped boulders. Why, I don't know. But all I know is that we're enjoying each other's company and we're having fun.

We stop at an intersection, ready to cross the street. I space out as I'm waiting for cars to pass. I don't see that she's already crossing. I don't see the car ram into her as she barely set foot onto the street.

But I hear it.

I hear the loud THUD.

I hear the pained scream.

I hear the car's tires screech as it drives away in a panic.

I hear my heart pounding in my head as I turn to look at the damage that has been done, and I feel bile rise in my throat.

There's so much blood. I can see the unsteady rise and fall of her chest as she attempts to take in breaths. Her eyes are wide as they scan the area. "Samanth-- Sammy!" She calls out to me. I rush to her side, grabbing her hand. She tries to speak. But I don't let her, saying she needs to save her energy. But I knew in my heart that she wasn't gonna make it. I watch helplessly as the light fades from her eyes, and... I black out.

When I'm conscious again, I'm in my room again. My heart's still pounding and I'm covered in an alarming amount of sweat. I almost forget why I'm scared. I look at my phone, noting that the date is October 21. I feel dread fill me and I start to put my phone down. Then I hear my phone ring. It's Dean Winchester saying son of a bitch. I feel relief go through my body, knowing that it's Deanna's text notification. I go on with my day after that.

It's not until later I realize what's happening. I'm reliving the same day all over again. When it's our turn to cross the intersection, I manage to steer her away to the actual crosswalk for a safer crossing. And I begin to think, Hey... maybe this is all just me being paranoid. Things will be fine.

Had the thought too soon.

Once we safely made it to the other side, we happened to be at a construction site. Where metal poles fell. One impaling her and killing her almost instantly. I start screaming in sheer terror at the sight, feeling nauseated by all the blood pouring out of her wound. Then I black out again.

The cycle repeats for quite some time.

Falling down a flight of stairs.

Collapsed building.

Simply falling ill.

Serial killer on the loose.


Somehow, every freaking time, she dies. And I'm helpless to stop it.

At this point, it feels like it's been weeks. Months, even. I'm at the intersection with her, once again. I am obviously much more alert now than I was. Aware of all our surroundings. I see her step out onto the street, and it's as if time slowed down. It dawned on me what I have to do to get this to stop. I pull her back, but I let myself fall forward instead. I feel nothing but hot flashing pain course through me.

And then I'm in my bed again, staring at the ceiling.

I look at my phone, seeing the date is October 22. I also see I had a missed call from Deanna. I begin to feel relieved that I'm not dreaming anymore.

But I am certain... that this wasn't a nightmare.