O-k, I asked this on another horror site, and tons of other sites, but no one has any clue what I am talking about. I did not imagine this. I downloaded this short story collection on my Kindle, and read this in 2016-17, it was fairly new when I read it, but I cannot remember the name of the collection, its cover, the author, or the title of the short story. I need all your help on this one. Unfortunately, I cannot remember much, but it was about a man (I think a father) who died, I think he committed suicide and jumped off I think a balcony, his son (I think he had two, but unsure on that) was watching the news with his mother, and as they were, the son was ceasing to exist, his mother cried out, "Eli (I think that was his name), look down at yourself -", that is all I remember, his arms and legs were disappearing, as he was ceasing to exist. I cannot remember why, I cannot remember what happened, but I would love to read that story again. Now, as I said, no one has any clue what I am talking about, but one person from Yahoo answers told me that this story sounds like something from the author Joe Hill (he wrote Dark Carousel), another said that he remembers reading a story such as this, but cannot remember much, he remembers the cover was white, with some other coloring below, he remembers it as having a monochrome look. Now, I do not know why, but something is telling me that this is from an apocalpytic story collection. I viewed several of my downloaded short story collections and no luck, something is telling me that this is one of the Twisted Endings books by Timothy D. McLendon, but I cannot remember which volume. Can any of you please help me? I am driving myself off the wall with this. Thank you in advance, fellow horror fans.