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    I live in my haunt 411 N. Carroll St. Mount Carrol, Illinois 61053

    My Choice equals "My Style"?

    People can become upset or scared by almost anything. How many of us providing scary entertainment make conscious choices as to how or what we are doing to cause such reactions?
    Several quick loud in-their-face startles will usually get them "going" and such a rush might be what many patrons are looking for in October.
    What are the residual effects from such a series or orchestrated events? Are there really any? "Memories", of course, unless their mind went blank in such "Fight or Flight" situations, which I do believe is what often happens. I formed this opionion after asking a great many people about their haunted house experiences and I seemed to find memories were very lacking the majority of the time.
    I personally believe that genuine and possibly mentally dangerous fear creation is wrong and very wrong on numerous levels. Can you say :"Phobia?"
    Real phobias are usually Not enjoyable for those who fall victim to them.
    My discovery many years ago might seem sort of surprising and a bit goofy, but there are some people who have never gave a second thought to the possibility that there might actually be something we call a "Supernatural" existence!
    I would tell them about the odd, highly circumstantial and very probably supernatural events of this old house since 1925 to present..they would become upset and deeply disturbed, scared, and not in a fun way.
    I decided that I did not wish to be the cause of anyone's new phobias or bothersome nightmares. (I have met WAY too many such so afflicted already who really do not want to see the inside of any haunted attraction)
    So this made me create a style of telling it as a serious event, then becoming goofy, humorous with it. I feel this provides them with the opportunity to chose how they might wish to mentally relegate the information and file it away under "Laughs" or "Sheer Terror"!
    The ghost stories of this house are not like a Hollywood horror movie. Maybe that is what makes them more effective? They are more subtle, maybe feel that much more possible and real, yet not normally experienced sounds and sights and occurrences.
    During the winter when few make the trip here to my front room, I have told the haunted history with no attempted humor when asked to do so.
    Sometimes I can't get a "read" on whether or not someone is scared. I then do some simple, simple-minded little thing to them discover in very immeadiate and real terms that they sure are scared! Then we all laugh about it!
    Ten years ago was a very active supernatural year here. I can Very seroiusly relate those events from that year in a very convincing fashion, since as those events came together I was left definately in mortal harm's way that saw several witnesses thinking I was dead and even trying to phone my parents with this news.
    The house has made EMF meters act very loudly upon a time or two. We have seen "Orbs" here with the naked eye now seven times and then photograghed one after we saw it.
    Other very strange things have been photographed here, odd, things that don't seem to make any rational or physical sense in any known way.

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    I know Lhallow has visited! I would love to come someday as well
    As a home haunter..I see people 'prepare' to be scared. They psych themselves out before even getting halfway up the driveway.

    My favorite is I have this DEMON that sits in the front yard ALL MONTH same position... come halloween the Demon is in the SAME exact spot, but has a person in it This is genius...

    I also find the "in your face scare" can be dangerous. People always react differently.
    - And our credo: "Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc." We gladly feast on those who would subdue us. Not just pretty words.



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