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    You want disturbing?

    I have found disturbing!
    Ignoring the physical condition of the man in the suit - and his overcompensating bravado (not to mention posing)...
    Need something that'll get a scream from the TOTs? See 1:28 in the vid.
    Neighbors keeping you up all night line dancing to old Garth Brooks songs? 2:56. Gross.
    Caught and strung up a couple of trespassers and not sure how to take care of them? 4:00
    5:20 for Johnny Thunder!
    And finally... Neighborhood teens and their hotrods keeping you up? Sick of looking at your ex's new ride (or your ex's boyfriends hot ride - depending on your ex's sex and/or proclivities)? 8:11 will fix that issue once and for all!
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