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    Definitely one I wished I would have spent Theatre money on..(rare for me to go to the theatre or say that....)

    Here's what I thought--

    INSIDEOUS--Which was awesome!
    #1 good thing--IT IS NOT A REMAKE!!! woohoo
    #2 it was not a sequel numbered, like 5000
    #3 good jumps, good idea, some wicked filming techniques.

    Been a long,long time since I have seen a movie in this genre with so much potential GREAT movie..nice ending, muwhahahaha
    - And our credo: "Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc." We gladly feast on those who would subdue us. Not just pretty words.

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    Hi, I posted to the thread about the last horror movie that I saw and yeah I agree with your points... we've seen so many remakes and sequels already,,, though at the back of my mind.. could there be Insideous 2? lol... if there is,, then I'd love to watch it.

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    INSIDEOUS-for me this was the best horror movie of 2011. Admittedly at first I was really bored probably the first 20 min was the worst video floating round the house then the clock and a figure of a woman. Little did I know that it was an important detail for the movie haha... But you are right this movie is worth the movie tickets.

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    When i got a torrent for Insidious, i didn't watch it at daylight. I watched it 12 mn and i was in my very huge Head Phones. I swear that was some awesome scare experience.

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    This is a really good scary movie i enjoyed it a lot. I agree with ScaryME, its good watching at night. I have never had a good scare since The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

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    Greetings guys! I am new here and glad to join in this conversation. I would like to say that Insidious movie is indeed Insidious, it was one of the best of the latest horror i have seen------ I haven't seen a lot after it because most horror flicks coming out lately weren't worth my watch.

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    YEp that "Exorcism of Emily Rose" was classic. I also love "Drag Me to Hell", it wasn't that much scare but the puking and the most gross stuff i could ever imagine was there. It was kind of funny in many ways like sort of "EVIL DEAD" style.



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