netflixIf you have been looking for an inexpensive source to find great horror films and tv shows for Halloween viewing you should look at Netflix. You can get a free 30 day trial of Netflix which gives you plenty of time to go through all the horror selections that they have. They have suspense, horror, science fiction, post-apocalypse and straight up bloody horror films as well as paranormal films and TV shows. There are thousands of choices just in the horror genre. Whether you are looking for movies to watch under the blankets with a special someone on Halloween or movies and TV shows that will scare your friends and family at a Halloween party you’d be surprised how many Halloween scares can be found on Netflix.

Netflix has the most horror choices of any streaming service. Amazon prime and Hulu Plus just can’t compete with Netflix in the horror and science fiction genres. Netflix has more modern horror films than other streaming services too. There is a good selection of everything from B horror flicks to classic horror movies to modern thrillers and TV shows. Here’s a quick overview of some of the selections that Netflix has to offer…

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got-partyIt’s no surprise that Game of Thrones inspired Halloween costumes are predicted to be some of the most popular Halloween costumes this year. The show is getting more and more popular each season. Every season more and more people discover the show for the first time and become die-hard fans. So if you want to throw one of the most popular Halloween parties you should choose a Game of Thrones theme for your party.

Encourage guests to come as their favorite Game of Thrones characters, but just make sure you don’t end up with 30 Cersei Lannisters running around, or multiple Daenerys Targaryens bringing their dragons into the house. A good way to make sure that everyone chooses a unique character is to have people RSVP to the party as the character they want to dress up as. That way you can let people know which characters are already taken.


The most popular and infamous characters from the show like Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Tywin Lannister, Joffrey, Margaery Tyrell, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Bronn, Catelyn Stark and Robb Stark will probably be the Halloween costumes that most people want to claim. But there are so many great characters in…

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halloween-wedding-cakeWeddings are joyous events and every single bride out there will want her own wedding to be magical. And when it comes to hosting it, few would choose to actually organize their wedding on Halloween. Believe it or not, this is an increasingly popular trend, and not for one reason only. You don’t have to be a Goth Metal fan to like the idea of a Halloween wedding, but you do have to love the holiday itself. Hosting a Halloween wedding comes with many great things and it can be extremely fun, but you really want to make sure that this is what you want to do. If you want to find out more about weddings hosted on Halloween, do read on.

Why Would You Do It?

Halloween weddings can turn into huge fun both for the bride and the groom and for the guests. It may sound like a very crazy idea at first, but in truth it is a very unique and original one and your guests will definitely appreciate it. If you are the kind that likes standing out from the crowd, then organizing such a wedding will be the perfect way to add that “special something”…

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horror-partyAre you looking for a fun new idea to use as a theme for your party? Whether it’s for a birthday party or for Halloween there are a lot of unique horror party themes that will set your party apart from the families given by your family and friends.  Some people throw the same tired old theme parties every year. Don’t be one of those people. Give your traditional Halloween party or birthday party new life with an infusion of modern horror. Check out some of these unique twists on horror party themes and use them to create your own amazing party this year:

Walking Dead party– create your own post-apocalypse party based on the world of The Walking Dead. Hold the party in a garage or outdoors and make sure that you set the scene. Use pallets and other DIY materials to give the area the appropriate amount of decay. Tie some tin cans on rope among the trees or between lampposts on the driveway to alert you if walkers come near. Have some of your neighbors go out in the woods during the party and rattle the cans to scare your guests. Encourage your guests to…

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scaryclownsIf you want to really scare people there’s no better way to do it than take a harmless childhood icon that represents happiness and innocence and turn it into something evil and deadly. Many horror movies have used this idea to create truly terrifying monsters that inspire a mortal fear in people. Porcelain dolls are one childhood icon that is often used. Clowns are another. Fear of clowns is an actual recognized phobia that afflicts thousands of people. Fear of scary killer clowns may not be a clinical condition but it is something that also affects huge numbers of people. Scary clowns are an essential part of any haunted house and are great for scaring Trick or Treaters.  So if you want a perfectly terrifying costume for Halloween you can’t go wrong with Scary Clown costumes.


Scary clown costumes remind people of some horrifying clown characters that exist in movies and in novels but the scariest Scary Clown of all was a real clown. Pogo the Clown, the alter ego of John Wayne Gacy who is known as America’s first serial killer, is the real life Killer Clown that many movie monsters are based on. Gacy killed at…

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jackOne of the most iconic images of Halloween is an image of a glowing Jack O’Lantern with a scary face lighting up the darkness. But pumpkins were not always part of the holiday celebrations. Carving pumpkins into shapes and putting candles inside them is an American twist on an ancient tradition. The ancient Celts used to carve turnips into scary faces and place lit candles in them as part of their celebration of Samhain. Turnips were used because they were readily available, although beets were sometimes used as well.

Legend has it that Jack O’Lanterns got their name from an Irish blacksmith who was also a drunk. He was called “Stingy Jack” and he would do anything to avoid paying for his drinks. One night at a tavern he met the devil. He convinced the devil to turn himself into money to pay for Jack’s drink. The devil agreed as long as Jack agreed to give the devil his soul when he died.

When the devil turned himself into money Jack pocketed the money instead of paying for his drink. Jack also had a silver cross in his pocket so when he put the money into his pocket the devil…

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Top Tips to Make You Look as Realistic as Possiblezombie-mu


Halloween is one of the few days in the year when you can have as much fun with your makeup as possible and go all out to look as scary as possible, as well. If you want to make sure you scare everybody with your makeup next time, then you might want to try out a zombie look.


If you decide to do so, then it would be vital to ensure that your zombie makeup makes you look exactly like the zombies that you see in scary movies nowadays. In other words, you have to ensure that you don’t just play things by ear and paint different colors onto your face. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might just end up looking stupid in front of your family, friends, neighbors and guests.


In order to look scary and realistic as a zombie, it would be highly advisable for you to plan out your makeup in advance. Get a whole makeup kit ready, complete with sponges, makeup brushes and tissue paper – things that you will need to come up with if you want to effectively…

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twdCheck out The Walking Dead recap section here:

When AMC premiered its TV adaptation of the graphic novel The Walking Dead in 2010 it only commissioned six episodes of the show because the network was not at all confident about how the show would be received.

On Halloween night 2010 the first episode of The Walking Dead hit the air. The show was an almost instant hit with both critics and audiences. As the high ratings rolled in AMC jumped to order more episodes of the show before fans lost interest but they didn’t have to worry about fans losing interest.

The first season of the show essentially set the scene for the story of Rick Grimes, former Sheriff’s Deputy, as he awoke from a coma to find the world had changed. He managed to get himself out of the abandoned hospital as it was being overrun by “walkers” as the zombies in the series are called and he started searching for his family. In the first six episodes audiences follow Rick as he comes to terms with the post apocalyptic world outside the hospital and learns how to survive in a US that has been overrun by…

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One of the most iconic creatures associated with Halloween is the werewolf. Along with vampires werewolves are creatures that everyone expects to see on Halloween because no celebration of everything dark would be complete without some wolf/human hybrids running around. But the origins of the legends of werewolves are even darker than Halloween. Legends going back to ancient Greece mention humans with the ability to transform into wolves and other animals. Every culture around the world has at least one legend related to werewolves, and werewolves figure prominently in folklore and fairy tales in many cultures. European culture, which strongly influenced both American culture and the creation of the Halloween holiday, mentions werewolves quite regularly in stories and myths going back to the early Middle Ages. There are many mentions of how to avoid werewolves, what to do if you are bitten or scratched by a werewolf and how to kill werewolves in tales and books from France through all the European countries with most of the tales centered in Eastern Europe, where a lot of the popular vampire tales come from.

Werewolves are still a part of cultural lore today being featured in films, TV shows and books. The…

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What started as an industry convention for graphic novelists, artists and fans has grown into one of the three biggest trade show style conventions in the world. Comic-Con San Diego, also called SDCC, set the standard for all other gatherings of this type around the world. Other cities throughout the US now hold their own Comic-Cons throughout the year but the original and the most well attended is still the original in San Diego. Comic-Con is always held in the summer. The last few years tickets for SDCC have sold out in a matter of minutes. The San Diego Visitors Bureau has said that Comic-Con, on average, brings over 160 million dollars to the city in just four days. But Comic-Con wasn’t always such a huge attraction.


Comic-Con was started in 1970 by Shel Derf, a huge comic and graphic novel fan, along with other fans and graphic novel creators, artists and writers. It started as an industry specific convention that gave collectors of comics and memorabilia the chance to meet and to buy and sell their collectibles. It was also a chance for fans to meet the artists who created the works they loved as well a chance…

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