Halloween Costumes

Top Tips to Make You Look as Realistic as Possiblezombie-mu


Halloween is one of the few days in the year when you can have as much fun with your makeup as possible and go all out to look as scary as possible, as well. If you want to make sure you scare everybody with your makeup next time, then you might want to try out a zombie look.


If you decide to do so, then it would be vital to ensure that your zombie makeup makes you look exactly like the zombies that you see in scary movies nowadays. In other words, you have to ensure that you don’t just play things by ear and paint different colors onto your face. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might just end up looking stupid in front of your family, friends, neighbors and guests.


In order to look scary and realistic as a zombie, it would be highly advisable for you to plan out your makeup in advance. Get a whole makeup kit ready, complete with sponges, makeup brushes and tissue paper – things that you will need to come up with if you want to effectively…

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