Halloween Music

Nothing sets the mood for a great Halloween party like the music that you choose. The right music can make or break a party. Whether you want the tone of your Halloween party to be kitschy, or funny, or truly scary you need music to enhance the overall experience for your guests. Using music in an outdoor decorating display can delight and frighten Trick or Treaters as well as your party guests. These days it’s easier than ever to use music to take your Halloween party to the next level. You can play your music on a CD player or on a well hidden tablet, iPod or even on a smart phone. If you want to really surprise your guests hide an iPod or smart phone in an unexpected place so that it startles anyone who comes near it when it plays. Here are some other tips from creative Halloween party experts to help you use music to make your Halloween party perfect:

Make your own sound effects – Don’t limit yourself to the sound effects that you find on CDs or online. Next time you’re up late and you hear your own stairs creaking in a creepy way get…

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