horror-partyAre you looking for a fun new idea to use as a theme for your party? Whether it’s for a birthday party or for Halloween there are a lot of unique horror party themes that will set your party apart from the families given by your family and friends.  Some people throw the same tired old theme parties every year. Don’t be one of those people. Give your traditional Halloween party or birthday party new life with an infusion of modern horror. Check out some of these unique twists on horror party themes and use them to create your own amazing party this year:

Walking Dead party– create your own post-apocalypse party based on the world of The Walking Dead. Hold the party in a garage or outdoors and make sure that you set the scene. Use pallets and other DIY materials to give the area the appropriate amount of decay. Tie some tin cans on rope among the trees or between lampposts on the driveway to alert you if walkers come near. Have some of your neighbors go out in the woods during the party and rattle the cans to scare your guests. Encourage your guests to come dressed as zombies or as their favorite Walking Dead characters. Party favors should be small first-aid kits or zombie survival kits packed into small biohazard bags. Flashlights will give everything an appropriately eerie look. Fun party games can consist of sending people on runs in the yard to pick up specific survival items like a scavenger hunt. MREs also can be given out as party favors. Your guests will love being able to party as the beloved characters of The Walking Dead and testing their wits against zombies. You might want to host a zombie makeup session before the party starts to give people that want to dress up as vampires the chance to get all their makeup done.

True Blood party – True Blood may be ending, but fans can send it out in style by throwing True Blood finale parties and True Blood theme Halloween parties. Make sure that you order plenty of Tru Blood for everyone to drink. You can use Tru Blood to make fabulous party punch and cocktails for the vampires in the crowd. Have a marathon viewing party and watch the series from the beginning with all your friends. True Blood Halloween costumes are going to be very popular this year, so use the show as the theme for your Halloween party and give people the chance to party like they do in Bon Temps. Having a party based on the show is a fun way to give the classic Halloween vampire party a new twist. Vampires have come a long way in modern culture so it’s time that Halloween vampires shed the classic cape and fangs and took on a more modern look.

Haunted Carnival party – Shows like Penny Dreadful and the next incarnation of American Horror Story are reviving the idea of the haunted carnival or the macabre freakshow. At the turn of the 20th century these small traveling shows and circuses were very popular. If you want to throw a unique horror party this Halloween or you want to throw a creepy birthday party create your own dark circus. Be sure to have some of your friends dress up as the deformed, odd, and monstrous creatures that were big attractions in these shows. Aerialists and other performers are fun costumes too. To set the mood you can use a simple backyard tent top that is very inexpensive. Drape it in multicolored fabric and use white or purple lights to set the appropriate mood. A smoke machine blowing around the entrance is a nice touch too. Vintage style ticket invitations are perfect for a party like this. Encourage your guests to get into the spirit of the party by dressing in historical Victorian or more modern steampunk costume creations.

This year go for the drama and incorporate some of the new horror classics in movies and TV into your party theme. You and your guests will enjoy the party a lot more than parties that you have had in the past.