Nothing sets the mood for a great Halloween party like the music that you choose. The right music can make or break a party. Whether you want the tone of your Halloween party to be kitschy, or funny, or truly scary you need music to enhance the overall experience for your guests. Using music in an outdoor decorating display can delight and frighten Trick or Treaters as well as your party guests. These days it’s easier than ever to use music to take your Halloween party to the next level. You can play your music on a CD player or on a well hidden tablet, iPod or even on a smart phone. If you want to really surprise your guests hide an iPod or smart phone in an unexpected place so that it startles anyone who comes near it when it plays. Here are some other tips from creative Halloween party experts to help you use music to make your Halloween party perfect:

Make your own sound effects – Don’t limit yourself to the sound effects that you find on CDs or online. Next time you’re up late and you hear your own stairs creaking in a creepy way get out your smart phone or a recorder and record it. You can use your computer or tablet to mix that into songs or other sound effects to make a creepy soundtrack for your party. As an added bonus when you use sounds that are taken from your house when your guests hear those sounds in person they will get even more scared. Have fun and experiment with different household items to see what scary sound effects you can make. Get some friends together to help you and you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with.

Go retro – Old recordings from serial radio shows are a fabulous place to get truly scary sounds. Serial radio shows were recorded before film before the dominant media and people would gather around the radio every week to listen to their favorite shows. These old shows are full of great sound effects that have a kitschy retro vibe that is perfect for a Halloween party where you want your guests to be a little scared, but not terrified.

Be your own DJ – These days it’s super easy to make your own unique Halloween party soundtrack. You can start with CDs full of classic Halloween music and sound effects and then use free mixing software to create your songs, scenes, and sound effects. Timers and other tools make it simple to set up music to play on cue or to coordinate music to light shows and other effects. Make sure that if you create a light and music show you get some video of the show to post online.

Go back to the classics – You only get to break out songs like The Monster Mash once a year so make sure you work them into your custom Halloween party music somewhere. If you really can’t stand hearing The Time Warp one more time try to put a modern twist on it, such as having everyone at the party sing it karaoke style instead of playing it on a CD player.