scaryclownsIf you want to really scare people there’s no better way to do it than take a harmless childhood icon that represents happiness and innocence and turn it into something evil and deadly. Many horror movies have used this idea to create truly terrifying monsters that inspire a mortal fear in people. Porcelain dolls are one childhood icon that is often used. Clowns are another. Fear of clowns is an actual recognized phobia that afflicts thousands of people. Fear of scary killer clowns may not be a clinical condition but it is something that also affects huge numbers of people. Scary clowns are an essential part of any haunted house and are great for scaring Trick or Treaters.  So if you want a perfectly terrifying costume for Halloween you can’t go wrong with Scary Clown costumes.


Scary clown costumes remind people of some horrifying clown characters that exist in movies and in novels but the scariest Scary Clown of all was a real clown. Pogo the Clown, the alter ego of John Wayne Gacy who is known as America’s first serial killer, is the real life Killer Clown that many movie monsters are based on. Gacy killed at least 33 boys and buried many of them in his home and on his property. He was a popular man in his community and would often appear as Pogo the Clown at picnics, parties and events. Movies have been made about Gacy’s life but Gacy himself was executed in 1994 for his many murders.Other scary clowns that are popular for Halloween costumes are clowns like:

The Joker – Many actors have played The Joker in Batman movies over the years but the most memorable performance as The Joker came from Heath Ledger just before his death. His performance in the film was heralded as the finest performance of his career. Many people felt that his characterization of the evil clown going after Batman was better than the performance of Batman in that film. Joker Halloween costumes are still very popular. No Joker costume would be complete without the red slashed mouth and messy, slightly askew makeup that Heath Ledger made famous.

Pennywise – Another of the most frightening clowns in film and TV is Pennywise the Clown. Pennywise is the main antagonist in Stephen King’s novel It and in the miniseries made from the novel horror master Tim Curry brings the evil clown to life with creepy accuracy. Many people think that Curry’s Pennywise character is the scariest clown of all time. Pennywise is also a very popular scary clown costume for the holiday.

Captain Spaulding – A more modern scary clown that is a great inspiration for a costume is Captain Spaulding, the evil clown who is featured in both House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects by musician turned director Rob Zombie. Captain Spaulding is a popular scary clown because his doesn’t hide his evil nature and loves to terrify people.