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When AMC premiered its TV adaptation of the graphic novel The Walking Dead in 2010 it only commissioned six episodes of the show because the network was not at all confident about how the show would be received.

On Halloween night 2010 the first episode of The Walking Dead hit the air. The show was an almost instant hit with both critics and audiences. As the high ratings rolled in AMC jumped to order more episodes of the show before fans lost interest but they didn’t have to worry about fans losing interest.

The first season of the show essentially set the scene for the story of Rick Grimes, former Sheriff’s Deputy, as he awoke from a coma to find the world had changed. He managed to get himself out of the abandoned hospital as it was being overrun by “walkers” as the zombies in the series are called and he started searching for his family. In the first six episodes audiences follow Rick as he comes to terms with the post apocalyptic world outside the hospital and learns how to survive in a US that has been overrun by…

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Ever since Night of the Living Dead was released in the late 1960s zombies have held a revered place in horror culture. George Romero’s film set the standard for zombie tales, where living creatures that were dead except for an insatiable drive for human brains, attacked the living to eat their brains. Night of the Living Dead has been remade countless times and the characteristics of zombies have been too. The earliest tales of zombies actually come from religion. In the Voodoo religion it is said that Voodoo practitioners use magic and herbs that turns people into zombies. In reality there is a practice that can put people into a trancelike state and make them very open to suggestion. They are not dead, but would appear dead to someone who didn’t know what signs of life to look for. This Voodoo practice is thought to be the origin of the idea of the zombie. The zombie has become one of the most recognizable creatures in popular culture and has gone from a cult horror villain to an accepted part of cultural lore. Zombies even made the national news recently when several people who were ingesting a substance known as “bath…

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