PoltergeistSpring is coming, and with it some of the most anticipated horror films of the year. It’s been a pretty good year for horror TV, and now the best horror films will be coming out just in time to hit the spring and summer market. There are few releases that could get pushed back to fall but right now most of the films that fans really want to see are scheduled to hit theaters during the next few months. Here’s a look at five of the most anticipated horror films coming to theaters this spring and summer, although a few of them could end up getting pushed back:


Probably the most anticipated horror film of the entire year is the Poltergeist reboot. This modern take on one of the most classic horror films of all time is either going to do amazingly well or flop. It looks like the film will do well however. The trailers that have been released are undeniably scary and have enough references to the original film to keep fans of the original happy while still bringing the story to the modern era with appropriate cultural references and use of technology. The updated clown doll is just as scary, if not scarier, than the original. So fans are anxiously awaiting July to see the rebooted Poltergeist when it hits theaters.

Crimson Peak

Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak is another highly anticipated film. This one is…

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american-horror-storyThere have been mixed opinions on the Freakshow season of American Horror Story. But no one can argue that this season of the horror anthology show went out the way it should have – with the incomparable Jessica Lange as Elsa Mars singing David Bowie’s “Heroes”.  Right now Jessica Lange has not signed on for another installment of the show, so if Freakshow was her last appearance on American Horror Story it was an appropriate ending for her to go out playing one of the best characters she has had throughout the series. Unfortunately, for many people, Elsa Mars was one of the only two interesting characters in the show. The other was a character that fans didn’t get nearly enough – Twisty the Clown.

The Ending – The ending of Freakshow was a bit of a disappointment considering how many other options there were to wrap up the story. There were happy endings for most, including for Dot and Bette who ended up living happily ever after with Jimmy and even getting pregnant. Dandy, after having a meltdown and going on a freak shooting spree, was killed appropriately by being drowned in a Houdini style escape tank filled with water which he could not escape from.

Elsa, after running away from the freakshow, goes on to get the life she always wanted. She finds a husband and becomes a big star with her own variety hour TV…

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Fans of the cult classic film Boondock Saints got a nice surprise this holiday season when star Norman Reedus confirmed that the third installment of the franchise is moving forward. Even though the second installment of the film wasn’t as well received as the original film and some of the stars, like Reedus, weren’t exactly thrilled with the film fans have been clamoring for another film about the dashing MacManus brothers who exact their own form of justice on the worst predators in society. The second installment came out in 2009, ten years after the first film, and fans don’t want to wait another decade to get the final chapter of the story. Reedus said in the past that the film wouldn’t be moving forward due to creative differences, but during a Reddit AMA recently when he was asked by a fan about the third Boondock Saints Film he said that the film is moving forward, much to the delight of his many fans.

The Film’s Cult Following
When the Boondock Saints script was written in the 90s it was in high demand. Boondock Saints was slated to become a big hit. But the film ran into production troubles, cast changes, conflicts and other problems that sank the chances of it being a commercial success. When it debuted the film was shown for only a week and only in a tiny number of theaters. Critics panned it and the film…

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norman-aaronEveryone’s favorite zombie slayer Norman Reedus has a new film coming out and it’s going to be very exciting. Triple 9, an action film about a bunch of cops who are blackmailed into performing a high –risk heist was filmed last year in Atlanta while Reedus was on a hiatus from filming The Walking Dead. The film has some serious cult star power in the ensemble cast. Along with Reedus the film stars Casey Affleck, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, Kate Winslet, Woody Harrelson and Michael Pena. Gal Gadot, who is bringing Wonder Woman to the screen in several upcoming movies, also stars in the film. Originally Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy was cast in the film but he had to drop out due to other commitments. Triple 9 premiers in September of 2015.

The title of the film, Triple 9, comes from the code given when an officer is hurt in the line of duty. In the film some rogue cops are blackmailed into performing a heist that is seemingly impossible to do. But they have no choice but to figure out how to pull it off. They plan on dropping a fellow officer in order to give themselves the time they need to do the heist, which is how the title ties into the film. The film should be heavy on action and the unique storyline will keep audiences guessing from the beginning. Norman Reedus, who…

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Poltergeist-20152015 is almost here and with it comes a new crop of horror movies. Some look like they will be great, others not so great. Last year’s horror fare was kind of a mixed bag. Some movies that were highly anticipated ended up being a disappointment, and others just fell into the mediocre category. There are a lot of remakes and reboots on the way which is great for fans but also calls into question whether or not horror writers are just running out of ideas. With the intense and popular horror dramas that are taking place on TV like American Horror Story and The Walking Dead drawing record audience ratings there is definitely an audience for some really great horror movies. The big question is will these movies, some of the most highly anticipated horror movies of 2015, draw the same audience numbers that the TV shows are drawing week after week?

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (March 2015)
The sixth installment in the record setting Paranormal Activity franchise returns to the saga of Katie and Hunter. The fifth film, The Marked Ones, was a bit of a disappointment because it seemed disjointed and out of place in the mythology of the franchise. Fans will be excited to go back to the original story and see a possibly possessed Katie once again wreaking havoc on a family. The family has been updated to seem like a totally modern family…

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twd-spinoffFans of The Walking Dead have been anxiously awaiting any news about the anticipated spinoff series that will explore new corners of The Walking Dead world. The universe that Robert Kirkman and the writers of The Walking Dead TV show have created is vast and there remains many stories to tell within that universe. Robert Kirkman will be writing the pilot for the new series so it should fit seamlessly into the world of The Walking Dead.

Fans are especially anxious to see if the new series will address how the apocalypse happened as well as whether or not there is any hope for a cure. But the spinoff series was announced some time ago and there hasn’t been much said about it until now. The male lead of the series has been cast finally and some of the other roles have been cast as well, meaning that the production on the show can finally start.

The Main Characters
It’s been announced that the new show will focus on a group of six main characters who band together within the post-zombie apocalypse world. Some sources close to the project have said that the spinoff will act as a prequel to the events in The Walking Dead and may show fans what happened at the outbreak and how it got to the point where the government was dropping napalm on the streets in Atlanta to try and contain it. There will…

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freakshowAmerican Horror Story is now in the fourth chapter of the serial story and the new series, subtitled Freakshow, is the best American Horror Story series yet. Audiences have made Freakshow the highest rated show on the network and the season premiere of Freakshow brought in the highest ratings the show has gotten yet. Ratings have stayed consistently high throughout the season. With a show like American Horror Story that changes settings and characters every season, essentially reinventing itself as a new show every season, there can be a dramatic change in ratings from one season to the next. The last incarnation of the show, Coven, was a ratings success but fans were left a little let down by the entire season. Freakshow was hotly anticipated because of both the setting and the characters that were set to appear in the show. Freakshow is so good that Jessica Lange, who was set to leave the franchise after Freakshow, is considering signing on for another season because she enjoys the character of Elsa Mars so much.  Whether Freakshow just touched a cultural nerve or whether Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy finally hit the right groove here are a few of the reasons why American Horror Story: Freakshow is the best chapter of American Horror Story yet:

The Musical Numbers
Elsa Mars started her freakshow as a support for her singing career. She wanted something to bring audiences in so that…

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outcastThe Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has been a busy guy. In addition to working on the TV show The Walking Dead and continuing to create Walking Dead comics he made a movie, Air, starring Norman Reedus and started writing a new comic. The new comic, Outcast, debuted in June of 2014 to a waiting audience who were anxious to see how Kirkman would handle the topic of demonic possession. Based on the success of The Walking Dead, which was turned down by almost all major networks before AMC took a chance on it, networks started a bidding war to secure the rights to Outcast. Outcast is now in production as a TV show for Cinemax.

Familiar Faces and Voices – Robert Kirkman will be teaming up with some familiar people and some familiar writing voices to work on Outcast and also to work on the spinoff series to The Walking Dead. Outcast will be developed with the help of Dave Alpert, who also works with Kirkman on The Walking Dead TV show. Distribution for Outcast will go through Fox International Channels, which handles the distribution of The Walking Dead outside of the US. So the creation of Outcast remains a bit of a family affair even though the show is being produced for Cinemax and not for AMC, which presumably was too busy with The Walking Dead and the Walking Dead spinoff to outbid Cinemax for Outcast.

The Outcast…

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horror-movies-clicheHorror movies are great, but they can become a little too formulaic. Some horror movie formulas are necessary because they define a genre, like 80s slasher films which always have the same elements. But, there are certain elements in horror movies that have become a little too cliché, and those clichés ruin what could otherwise be great movies.

Here are a few of the worst horror movie clichés that the creators and producers of horror films really need to stop using:


Found Footage
The Blair Witch Project was the original found footage film, and it was really innovative at the time. Audiences and creators were intrigued by the found footage angle, and audiences embraced it in a big way. The Blair Witch Project was one of the most successful horror movies of all time, and it was made on a tiny shoestring budget. The found footage setup gave many small independent filmmakers the vehicle they needed to make films on a small budget. Paranormal Activity is another really great film that was made on a tiny budget using the found footage idea. But now the whole found footage setup has become a cliché that needs to go away. It’s no longer interesting or innovative, and it’s abused by filmmakers who want to crank out films to make money without bothering to develop an actual story. The found footage trope needs to get lost.

People Ignore Obvious Signs of Danger…

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twd5The numbers are in and social media has been slammed with posts from fans about the Season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead. The critics are, overall, impressed with the quality of the episode but more importantly the fans loved it.

The episode was a roller coaster through tension, anxiety, fear and tears as the prison survivors escaped Terminus thanks to Carol and were reunited.

The reunion between fan favorite Daryl and Carol was emotional for fans because Daryl hadn’t seen Carol since Rick exiled her from the group before The Governor attacked the prison in the mid-season finale. Seeing Daryl run to Carol and hug her was the fulfillment that fans had been waiting for. And when Carol leads them to the small cabin and Rick and Carl are reunited with baby Judith there were not too many dry eyes watching. Episode 2 will likely yank that rug of happiness right back out from under the fans’ feet but at least for a few shining moments they got to experience a little peace and a little happiness. It won’t last.

The Story is Just Getting Started

One of the things that impresses both critics and fans of the show is the quality of the writing. The story of Rick and the survivors is so compelling that even though beloved characters are killed off with no regard for fan popularity and the story gets continually more brutal the audience keeps…

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