-alien-isolationIf you ever wondered what it felt like to be hunted by a Xenomorph you will out in Alien: Isolation. This first person survival game is one of the most anticipated games of 2014 and will no doubt be one of the biggest games of the year. The first person survival genre is typically not as popular as first person shooter games but games like Alien: Isolation are making them much more popular. The game is all about surviving and not about fighting. Even though you do have access to some weapons in the game there are no guns and you are not hunting the Xenomorph. Instead you are the one being hunted.

Alien: Isolation is set in 2137, between the events of the Alien film and the Aliens film. In the game you are Amanda Ripley, going in search of information about what happened to your mother Ellen Ripley. After the black box from the Nostromo was discovered there were a lot of unanswered questions. You are sent to a huge space station that is about to be decommissioned and abandoned to gather any information that you can find. Your mother is in stasis on an escape craft and very little is known about what happened aboard the Nostromo before she caused it to self-destruct.

Setting the game in the gap between the films was a very smart choice. The game developers have created a little pocket in the mythology of the franchise that fans can inhabit. Now fans can insert themselves directly into the story, and since Alien has so many fans that are incredibly dedicated to the storyline the game should be a big hit with them.

The space station, Sevastopol, has been infested by a Xenomorph. There are other people on the station because it’s not totally decommissioned yet. You can interact with them and they might help you with your quest. But they might not always be helping you. It’s not an MMO so it’s not the same kind of interaction you would get in a multi-player game but there are others around.

While you are exploring the station gathering information you are being hunted by the Xenomorph. The game doesn’t run on pre-programmed storylines. The Xenomorph really hunts you using the Artificial Intelligence built into the game. So every player experiences the game differently based on the choices that you make and how well you can defend yourself. Since this is not a first person shooter game your best defense is to hide. Once the Xenomorph sees you it’s pretty much over. You can hide under things, in things, and all over the station. You can insert yourself into lockers and other small spaces. You can hide in many different kinds of places. But you can’t run very fast, so running from the creature is pretty much a waste of time. All it will do is give you something to do with the last few seconds of your life.

All you have to track the movements of the Xenomorph is the same tracker used in the films. It will show you the movements of the Xenomorph but not tell you where it is or from what direction it is coming. You will have to be able to read the other signs that show the presence of the creature in order to avoid it. You should definitely not go looking for it, since you won’t be armed. You may have a blowtorch or some tools but there are no guns because it’s not a shooter game. And it would be very stupid to take on the Xenomorph without a gun.

One thing that you can do in order to help with your mission is build objects and tools that you need. Your backstory is that you are an engineer, and you can gather materials from the station and craft items as you explore. Being able to repair computers and build objects might help you in your mission to find out what really happened to your mother. You can also create items that will distract the Xenomorph and hopefully give you time to hide or get away.

There has been controversy surrounding the game as some of the game developers have run into conflict with the movie studios over the use of the Alien name. But the game is being out by The Creative Assembly and Sega. Fans are excited by the trailers and screen shots of the game which have been leaked. The graphics are great quality and show a very high level of detail. The Alien franchise has some of the most devoted fans in all of the horror fan base and the game developers clearly knew that they would have to get the details right in order to get the fans on board. The fans are ecstatic to see so many fine details from the films put into the game.

A lot of the background scenes and equipment pieces are copied from the movie and make the space station look like it belongs in the Alien universe. Part of the reason why the game took a long time to develop is that there was great attention to detail put into even small items like tools and computer consoles that appear in the game. Even the motion detector is copied directly from the movie to provide the kind of continuity that will make the experience of the game seem like an enhancement from the films. Any fan who ever wanted to experience the world of Alien for themselves will be able to do it in his game. Fans can also test their wits and skills against the Xenomorph and see if they have what it takes to beat the creature. Alien: Isolation will attract new fans to the franchise and give current fans a great new way to experience the world of their favorite movies firsthand as the daughter of Ellen Ripley.