Fans of the cult classic film Boondock Saints got a nice surprise this holiday season when star Norman Reedus confirmed that the third installment of the franchise is moving forward. Even though the second installment of the film wasn’t as well received as the original film and some of the stars, like Reedus, weren’t exactly thrilled with the film fans have been clamoring for another film about the dashing MacManus brothers who exact their own form of justice on the worst predators in society. The second installment came out in 2009, ten years after the first film, and fans don’t want to wait another decade to get the final chapter of the story. Reedus said in the past that the film wouldn’t be moving forward due to creative differences, but during a Reddit AMA recently when he was asked by a fan about the third Boondock Saints Film he said that the film is moving forward, much to the delight of his many fans.

The Film’s Cult Following
When the Boondock Saints script was written in the 90s it was in high demand. Boondock Saints was slated to become a big hit. But the film ran into production troubles, cast changes, conflicts and other problems that sank the chances of it being a commercial success. When it debuted the film was shown for only a week and only in a tiny number of theaters. Critics panned it and the film was quickly sent to DVD. Once the DVD was available the movie unexpectedly became a huge hit. Before it was possible for something to “go viral” the Boondock Saints film went viral. Ultimately the DVD release of the film made more than 50 million dollars and bumped the film into the cult classic status that it has today.

When the second installment was released both fans and critics agreed it wasn’t a great film. Most of the support for the film came from the diehard fans of the original film that were happy to see the MacManus brothers again in any film. Norman Reedus agreed with fans who felt that the story introduced too many new characters and didn’t focus enough on the development of the characters of the brothers. After the release of the second installment work began on a script for the third film but the writer, director and the stars of the film couldn’t come together on a vision for the third film. In 2012 when he was asked about the third film Norman Reedus said that because of creative differences the film wasn’t going forward. However, that has since changed and the movie is moving forward with both Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus set to reprise their roles as the MacManus brothers.

Beyond Cult Appeal
The third Boondock Saints movie should appeal to a much wider audience now that Norman Reedus has become the hugely popular breakout star of The Walking Dead. Reedus has millions of fans who will see any movie that he’s in just to support him which means that the third film could easily be the most successful of the trilogy. It’s possible that the added star power could lead to a bigger production budget and a bigger advertising budget which could make the third film a legitimate hit the way that the first one was predicted to be. Heavy interest in the third film will also reignite interest in the first two films. Chances are good that once Boondock Saints 3 is released it could take the film from cult favorite to true Hollywood hit although the stars probably care more about how their fans will like the movie than how much success it will have commercially.

Fan Reaction
Fans were overwhelmingly enthusiastic to hear that the third installment of Boondock Saints was finally starting to move forward. There had been talk of recasting Norman Reedus’ role if he didn’t want to part of the film but that would have ruined the franchise for the fans who fell in love with the MacManus brothers played by Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus. The camaraderie between the two actors adds authenticity to their performances as brothers. Fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the Boondock Saints.